Unwanted Hair

  • There are many ways of getting rid of facial and unwanted hair.

    • Tweezing, Threading work best for smaller portions and are also painful.

    • Bleaching lightens the color of the hair to merge into the skin tone and makes them less noticeable.

    • Waxing is used widely, though it is very painful because
      (a.) It pulls hair from its roots, thus lasting for 4 to 6 weeks.
      (b.) Frequent waxing discourages hair growth over a period of time.
      (c.) It is also best for hands, legs and back.

    • Electrolysis is used a permanent solution. It is a time consuming process where a needle is inserted along the hair shaft and an electric current is passed through it to the root. Hair is then gently eased out of the follicle. It is best for small areas.

  • Light scrubbing with pumice stone is known to discourage hair growth.

  • Traditional ways for reducing unwanted facial hair are:

    • Mix gram flour, milk and turmeric [you may add lemon juice, sandalwood powder] and apply on face. Let it dry and rub off in circular motion.

    • Mix gram flour, lemon juice and malai. Apply on hairy areas and rub off