Hair Problem

* Hair Loss
* Graying
* Falling Hair
* Dandruff 
Oily hair
* To increase hair growth

Hair Loss:

Hair loss occurs due to many reasons. Excessive emotional strain, lack of estrogen hormone in women, strong medication, lack of Iron, Vitamin B and Iodine in the diet are some of the major reasons. 

Curd (yogurt) has all the elements hair need to be healthy. Apply curd on the roots of the hair, leave on for half an hour and then wash. This will reduce hair fall and make them soft. 

Rubbing lemon on the parts of the scalp that are losing hair can solve this problem. Before you shampoo, rub one lemon on the scalp and keep for half an hour. Do this regularly for a period of two to three months and your hair will begin to grow back again. 



Due to its sourness, gooseberry is an ideal cleanser. It is good for washing the hair with and as a cleanser for the face. It also has the capability to blacken graying hair.

Mix ground, dried gooseberries in lemon juice and make a paste. Apply this on graying hair. Gradually the hair will turn black again. This also cures other hair and scalp related problems. 

In half a cup of curd mix the juice of one lemon and massage into scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash. This will make the hair soft and will reduce the gray. 

In one cup curd mix 10 ground black peppers and wash hair with this mixture. This will soften the hair and blacken them as well. Do this at least once a week 

Mix ground gooseberries in lemon juice and apply on graying hair. This will darken the hair, make them soft and will also cure other hair and scalp problems. 


Falling Hair:

Before washing hair, massage lemon juice into the scalp. This will reduce hair fall and will also cure lice problems. 

Coconut oil is also very good for this condition. Give yourself a good hot coconut oil massage. Heat the oil and apply on the scalp using cotton wool. Soak patch of the scalp with the oil and massage in circular motion. Preferably, leave overnight. Wash in the morning. This will improve the quality of your hair and will reduce hair fall considerably.



In one cup curd add a spoon of salt and churn. Rub this mixture well into the scalp and wash with water only. Repeated use will wipe out the dandruff. 

Mix the juice of one lemon in some coconut oil and massage well at the roots. Leave overnight. Wash as usual in the morning. This will help improve the condition. 

Mix lemon juice in water and wash hair with this mixture. It'll soften the hair and cure the dandruff. 

Cut a lemon in half and rub it into the scalp. Let the juice dry off and then wash. 


Oily hair:

If you have excessively oily hair and nothing seems to help, Squeeze one lemon in a glass of water and wash your hair with this mixture. You hair will lose its oiliness and will become clean. 


To increase hair growth:

Soak half a cup of dried gooseberry and henna powders in equal quantities. Wash your hair every day with this mixture, it will make your hair soft and silky and will increase hair growth.