Kukkut Aasan

Kukkut is a Sanskrit word which means a cock. This aasan or posture resembles that of a cock and hence the name is Kukkut Aasan.

Sit in Padmasana with legs crossed. Insert the hands through the gap between the thighs and calves near the knees. Start with the fingers and gradually push the hands upto elbows. Inhale and raise the body off the floor. Then continue normal breathing. Legs should be raised off the floor upto the level of elbows. Hands can easily be inserted in the gap if the Padmasan position is slightly raised. Pot-bellied persons will find it difficult to insert the hands in the gap between the calves and the thighs. In the beginning remain in this position for ten seconds and gradually increase the time to a minute depending on age and ability to aspirant.

1) All the benefits derived from Utthita Padmasan are derived from this aasan.
2)This aasan is beneficial to those who have worms in their intestines.
3)This aasan is very useful to woman as it cures uneasiness, pain in the hips and heaviness caused by menstruation.
4)This aasan gives sufficient exercise to the arms.
5)This aasan invigorates the body and delights the mind.


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